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BeeHive is a versatile research informatics platform born out of collaboration between Molsoft and Biovitrum AB, Sweden. One of BeeHive’s main purposes is to improve the sharing of data within a company. The data may be chemical structures, compound or assay data (analytical, biological, HTS), documents, compound logistics or any other data. BeeHive is flexible and easy to use and requires very little maintenance. COOL is a BeeHive module that manages the logistics of submitting compound samples for chemical and biological assays.

BeeHive - overview

  • A new environment for chemical and biological data
  • Provides integration across your existing Oracle systems giving a unified view of heterogeneous data
  • Cross-platform client for navigation and searching across multiple databases
  • Advanced data mining functions
  • Developed and used within a Pharmaceutical Research organization as the primary cheminformatics and assay data system

BeeHive - features

Retrieving data

  • BeeHive creates a unified catalog of data in multiple Oracle databases
  • Advanced drag and drop query builder
  • Intelligent 'joining' of data from different databases
  • Searching by lists of compounds, targets, projects or any user-defined key

Presenting data

  • Chemical spreadsheet functionality
  • Data aggregation and reformatting tools: grouping, averaging, pivoting
  • Instant plotting with live links to data
  • Storage and display of documents and images associated with the data

Exchanging data

  • Import/export of data and chemical structures to Excel, Accord for Excel and ISIS/Draw
  • Data import/update module for any Oracle table


  • Table import wizard to import any Oracle table for use within BeeHive
  • User administration tools to create Oracle user accounts and manage permissions.

System requirements


  • Oracle server version 8.1.7 or later
  • MDL ISIS/Direct 2.0 Oracle cartridge for chemical structure searching (optional)


  • Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
  • Oracle client version 9.2+

Interfaces to 3rd party software

  • Microsoft Excel 2000 for exporting data
  • Accelrys Accord for Excel 2000 for exporting chemical structures
  • MDL ISIS/Draw 2.3 or later as an alternative to the internal chemical drawing module
  • Export of chemical structures and data in SD file format

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