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Minimum Recommended Hardware Specifications

ICM runs on the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems as well as high performance multi-processor clusters. Below are some of the minimum specifications needed - please contact us if you have any questions.

Hardware Specification

Minimum recommended hardware specification for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

200 Mb of disk space and 2Gb or more of RAM. 4Gb is a good default.

Graphics Card

The Graphic card should have Hardware OpenGL acceleration and 512Mb or more memory. (1024Mb or more is recommended)

We recommend NVIDIA ( brand.

  • GeForce models are good if you do not plan to use hardware stereo.
  • Quadro models can be used with hardware stereo

We do not recommend Intel graphics cards but ICM will still work with an Intel card.



Any modern Linux distribution will work. At MolSoft we use the following versions (or higher).
  • CentOS release 8
  • openSUSE 15
  • Ubuntu 18


All Windows versions are supported.


All MacOS versions are supported.

Stereo Glasses and Monitors

We recommend the Zalman 3D monitor and Crystal Eye Glasses. Anaglyph stereo is supported in version 3.8 and above therefore only cheap red/cyan glasses are needed (see ).

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