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8.4 Custom Model Panel

MolScreen has some preprepared model panels available. To select a preprepared custom model panel:

  • Chemistry/MolScreen/Select Custom Model Panel
  • Choose the panel from the drop down Panel Name dialog box.
  • Select the path where your MolScreen models are located (usually in .icm/models).

To create your own custom model panel:

  • Chemistry/MolScreen/Make Custom Model Panel
  • Give your panel a unique name.
  • Enter a uniprot prefix (e.g. ESR1, ANDR)
  • Enter a keyword (e.g. nuclear)
  • Press OK and a table will be displayed containing the models.
  • You can repeat the steps above to append to the custome model panel.
  • Save your custom panel in your models directory e.g. (.icm/model)

To load your custom panel:

  • Chemistry/MolScreen/Full Model Panel and check the option Read Custom Panels

Full Model Panel
Results Table

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