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ICM-Browser Installation for Linux

Linux Installation Instructions

To download distribution e.g. right-click and choose "Save target as ..." to save the file in a temporary directory on your local hard drive.

Step 1: (OPTIONAL) Login as root if you plan to install the ICM to a directory where only root can write to (e.g. /usr/icm).

Step 2: Go to to the temporary directory that contains the file you downloaded from our web site.

Step 3: Install the icm-browser-3.6-1h package

e.g. sh

Step 4: Follow the instructions on your screen.

Linux Red Hat RPMs

Download the ICM distribution e.g. icm-browser-3.6-1h.i386.rpm .

# Installation:

* login as root * install rpm package you uploaded

e.g. rpm -ivh icm-browser-3.6-1h.i386.rpm

If the previous version of the ICM package was already installed use the upgrade option for the rpm command

e.g. rpm -Fvh icm-browser-3.6-1h.i386.rpm

# Follow the instructions on your screen.

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