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eBioinformatics announces alliance with Molsoft to provide software engine for functional and structural annotation of new genomic sequences and protein modeling.

San Diego CA, Nov. 1, 1999. Molsoft LLC (www.molsoft.com) and eBioinformatics, Inc. (www.ebioinformatics.com) announced today they have formed an alliance in which Molsoft will provide its ICM software for incorporation into eBioinformatics, Inc. flagship product BioNavigator.

The Molsoft-ICM software is a powerful suite of computational biology tools that will provide BioNavigator users access to the latest and most powerful algorithms. This alliance will give scientists new opportunities based on the power of Molsoft's ICM software and the convenience of BioNavigator's web-based bioinformatics workspace.

The Molsoft-ICM software possesses many unique characteristics, which will provide BioNavigator users distinct advantages. ICM utilizes at its core a powerful and general global optimization method that has evolved over many years. In its current implementation, this ICM method offers unparalleled accuracy, speed and flexibility for structural annotation and protein structure modeling. The software also incorporates many original mathematical algorithms which are used for peptide structure prediction, homology modeling, loop simulations, flexible macromolecular docking, graphics, sequence analysis, database searches, mathematics, statistics and plotting.

Howard Goldstein, president and CEO of eBioinformatics stated, "We believe the alliance with Molsoft will provide our users with the most powerful molecular modeling software available and our easy-to-use BioNavigator interface will make this power readily accessible. It is our intent to make the Molsoft ICM capabilities available to all BioNavigator subscribers as a part of our basic subscription." eBioinformatics Inc. was established in April, 1998, to provide a web-based bioinformatics subscription-access model for life scientists in pharmaceutical, biotech, agricultural, government and university laboratories. With this announcement, Molsoft LLC joins a growing list, of over 20 business alliances eBioinformatics, Inc. has established.

Capital for eBioinformatics is provided by the Australian Bioscience Trust (Melbourne), and Biotechnology Investments Limited (London), and Allen and Buckeridge (Sydney and San Francisco). Headquarters are in Pleasanton, California. For more information about eBioinformatics and to preview BioNavigator v3.0 free-of-charge, visit www.ebioinformatics.com.

Molsoft is a growing company that is devoted to the development of new software to aid in computational biology. Our ICM software uses the latest and most powerful algorithms to perform complex molecular manipulations and database interactions. Headquarters are in San Diego, California.