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ICM-Scarab - Data Capture, Integrator and Miner

Developed by MolSoft in Collaboration with Scientists at the Structural Genomics Consortium.

Watch a Webinar about Scarab This webinar entitled "ICM-Scarab Data Capture, Integrator and Miner" was presented by MolSoft and Brian Marsden Ph.D. (SGC Oxford) on June 29th 2016.

A Flexible LIMS

  • Capture structured and unstructured data at the same time in the same place without losing data mining flexibility. ICM-Scarab contains an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) component.

Unique Flexible Data Capture and Mining Interface

  • No need to have reports built for you by your administrator - build them yourself
  • Present databases to users in an intuitive fashion without needing to modify the underlying database(s) structure
  • Intelligently interfaces with any Oracle & MySQL databases
  • Seamlessly build and run complex queries across database architectures
  • Built-in compound searching capabilities
  • Fine-grained editing of data across tables
  • Bulk uploading of data

A One-Stop-Shop

  • Integration with MolSoft's standard functions for structural biology, bioinformatics and cheminformatics

Directly and seamlessly interact with and leverage multiple databases

Electronic Lab Notebook

Intuitively write up your experiments
  • Embed & annotate images
  • Embed Excel spreadsheets
  • Attach files
  • Embed PDF files
Share your experiments
  • Permissions at Project level
  • Named users may write collaboratively
Export your Experiments
  • Save as PDF
  • Print experiments
Upload Data
  • Directly Import Data
  • Type in Data
  • Modify Data Within spreadsheet or form view environments
  • Validate against business rules

Data Mining and Export

Query Builder

  • Present databases the way your scientists think
  • Unique, flexible, query and report builder
  • Save queries for future use
  • Queries can be published to other users
  • Queries can be chained together to form more complex queries
  • Queries can be used as the basis for entering or modifying data

Query Reports

Query results can be:
  • Exported to Excel
  • Saved as CSV or SDF (where applicable)
  • Used within ICM itself
  • Converted into Lists for use in other queries

Minimum Specifications