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ICM Browser File Types

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ICM-Browser Can Read The Following File Types

File Types

  • PDB structure files
  • MDL mol format
  • Tripos mol2 format
  • MMTF format
  • Tables/spreadsheets in portable *.csv or icm format
  • Sequence formats ( fasta, swissprot and other format )
  • Wavefront 3D objects
  • ICM binary archives with multiple objects
  • ICM objects
  • Alignments in fasta and other formats
  • Molecular movies in ICM format
  • Conformational stack
  • Energy and electron density maps
  • Amino acid comparison matrices
  • The objects read by the browser can then be displayed with the ICM molecular graphics module, alignment display window, or table/plotting window.


  • selection sensitive display dialog
  • instant cross-selection between 3D objects, sequences and alignments
  • selections at multiple levels in workspace, sequence view, alignment view and graphics view
  • selections at the secondary structure level
  • dynamic pop-up menus for molecules, residues, 3D meshes, sequences, alignments, maps, and selections
  • drag-and-drop: drop a molecule from the workspace to the graphics screen and it will be displayed
  • interactive result - table browser and interactive plots

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