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Molecular Documents and Presentations (US Patent No:7,880,738)

ICM now facilitates the production and exchange of interactive 3D and 2D information consisting of multiple interactive views and animations of molecular structures and graphical objects in conjunction with related hyperlinked text, chemical, biological sequence and data views. The combination of animations and transitions within a doucment or presentation allow for a perception of depth and add a new level of clarity to the details contained within a molecular object. These documents and presentations are ideal for schools, academic laboratories, university educators and companies to communicate and/or teach molecular information and ideas. They are a great alternative to the one-dimensional powerpoint and pdf files.

Some uses of ICM Molecular Documents and Presentations (US Patent No:7,880,738) include:

The Structural Genomics Consortium at Oxford Univeristy UK already use ICM to generate molecular presentation files. You can download examples of documents and presentations from their website by clicking here.

Some features of ICM Documents and Presentations include: