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Molsoft LLC and The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) Enter Into Research Collaboration Agreement

SAN DIEGO CA (BW HealthWire) April 27, 2000

Research Collaboration to Focus On Further Development of Computational Biology tools for Functional and Structural Annotation of New Genomic Sequences, Protein Modeling and Virtual Ligand Screening.

Molsoft LLC and The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF) announced that they have formed a research collaboration in which Molsoft will provide its ICM software for research in functional and structural annotation of new genomic sequences, protein modeling and lead discovery at GNF. The Molsoft-ICM software utilizes a powerful and general global optimization method which will provide GNF researchers with an accurate, speedy and flexible method for structural annotation and protein structure modeling. GNF is one of the largest research institutes devoted entirely to functional genomics and accelerated biological discovery in post-genomic era.

During the term of the agreement, GNF and Molsoft will collaborate in the areas of infrastructure development and computational biology. Molsoft will grant GNF a nonexclusive license to use Molsoft databases and software in gene discovery, functional genomics, and drug discovery. GNF will supply support for personnel and computer facilities to be used in the joint tool development projects.

"The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation has brought together an impressive group of internationally known scientists whose research interests are focused upon understanding and utilizing the developing science of genomics," said Ruben Abagyan, Ph.D., scientific founder of Molsoft LLC and the director of Computational Biology at GNF. "Our collaborative research efforts under this agreement should create a significant platform for advancement in this area."

Dr. Peter G. Schultz, Head of the Novartis Institute for Functional Genomics commented that, "The Molsoft collaborative agreement provides a powerful research tool for our continuing work in functional genomics." He observed that, "The power of understanding gene function is rooted in an ability to predict the structure of the proteins they encode. Molsoft's analytical tools allow for rapid analysis of biological structure. I have great confidence in this technology and believe that it will become a very significant tool for genomics researchers in the years ahead."

Molsoft is a growing company that is devoted to the development of new software to aid in computational biology. Its ICM software uses the latest and most powerful algorithms to perform complex molecular manipulations and database interactions. Molsoft is used by major academic and government organizations worldwide, including the Scripps Research Institute; Pharmacia & Upjohn - Italy and Sweden, BristolMyers Squibb, Smith Kline Beecham - US and UK; the National Institutes of Health, Washington D.C.; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; New York University. For more information about Molsoft, visit www.Molsoft.com.

GNF originally was established in San Diego, CA, 1998 as the Novartis Institute for Functional Genomics. As a wholly owned entity of the Novartis Research Foundation, it will receive a total investment of $250 million in funding over the next ten years. GNF will become one of the largest facilities uniquely dedicated to utilizing the developing science of genomics to identify therapeutic research targets, with causal relationships to major diseases. The main campus of the Institute is in San Diego, CA. For more information about GNF, visit www.gnf.org.

This news release may contain certain forward looking statements by GNF and Molsoft and actual results could differ materially from those described as a result of factors outside of the control of Molsoft or of GNF.

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