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About ODA Project

ODA (Optimal Docking Areas) is a new method to predict protein-protein interaction sites on protein surfaces. It identifies optimal surface patches with the lowest docking desolvation energy values as calculated by atomic solvation parameters (ASP) derived from octanol/water transfer experiments and adjusted for protein-protein docking. The predictor has been benchmarked on 66 non-homologous unbound structures, and the identified interactions points (top 10 ODA hot-spots) are correctly located in 70% of the cases (80% if we disregard NMR structures).

We made available the web server implementation of the method. To get the ODA prediction:

  • Upload to the server your pdb file with the molecule to be analyzed.
  • After server has finished processing data, download the icm-project file with the results.
The output can be viewed with the FREE ICM-browser. Once in ICM-browser, simply load the project (menu: "File" -> "Open"); you can display the molecule and the graphic object representing the ODA points by clicking in the the table (inferior window), and then selecting them by clicking in the object or the mesh, respectively (upper left window).

click here to try ODA

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