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Development of Successful Methods for Induced-Fit Docking

In the last few years there have been a number of success stories published describing methods for incorporating induced fit in ligand docking using ICM-Pro. Including using multiple receptor conformations in ligand docking and virtual screening (Totrov and Abagyan 2008, Bottegoni et al 2009) and methods to allow the ligand in the binding pocket guide the conformation of the receptor (e.g. Bisson et al 2007, Cavasotto et al 2008 and Katrtich et al 2010). Other methods that have been developed using ICM include normal mode approaches (Rueda et al 2009), an approach using dual alanine scanning and refinement ( SCARE - Bottegoni et al 2009) and a method designed for modeling kinases called DOLPHIN (Kufareva et al 2009).


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