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ActiveICM Release Notes

Version 1.1-3

  • Added 'slideButtonScale' property to control size of slide and log buttons
  • Fixed rare crash with zero size window plug-in
  • Added direct support for MOL/SDF files.
  • Fixed incorrect plug-in window position in Firefox 3.6
  • Fixed broken 'embed' option in Powerpoint

Version 1.1-2

  • Fixed 'singular matrix' problem under IE 7/8
  • 'pluginVersion' property works under IE 7/8
  • Fixed 'unrequested spinning' problem under certain circumstances.
  • Added ability to dynamically change 'projectFile' property.
  • Added progress indicator for IE.

Version 1.1-1

  • Fixed 'strange' xstick transition before the very first slide display
  • Fixed auto-exec scripts behavior
  • Fixed unexpected background color changes.

Version 1.1-0

  • Fixed many issues with multiple instances of plug-in in browser.

Version 1.0-7

  • Fixed GL window problem when Tab-browsing fox Safari (300)
  • Fixed incorrect behavior of "auto-play slides" option.
  • Added Molsoft log and slide switching buttons.
  • progress bar for file loading. (Mozilla plug-in only)
  • Slides are reset before presentation. (#262)
  • Sudden background changes fixed. (#259)
  • 'nodding' between slides (274)

Version 1.0-6

  • fixed few problems when multiple instances use different ICB files.
  • fixed a bug in processing of 2D labels in multiple instances of the plugin.
  • fixed inability to switch rocking style through GRAPHICS.rocking preference
  • fixed several problems occurred after interrupting rocking with Escape key.
  • fixed rare "freezing" when trying to read commands from .

Version 1.0-5

  • fixed bug in processing multiple ICM commands.
  • fixed rare crash which switching slides.

Version 1.0-4

  • fixed bug in mozilla pulgin. Redraw issue when there are no slides in the icb file.
  • fixed "jumping view" behavior in Firefox 3.

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