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Molecular Graphics in ICM-Pro

Utilize a full and robust array of graphics tools all accessible from a GUI interface. Display your molecules in wire, CPK, ball&stick, worm, ribbon, accessible surface, transparent molecular surface, perspective, depth cueing, smooth and rugged solid surfaces. Use both hardware and side-by-side stereo. Save and print a screen image as a compact vectorized postscript file (also in stereo) in addition to a compressed bitmap. Painlessly create movies featuring molecules dressed in solid representations such as CPK, smooth molecular surface, ball-and-stick read, display, reshape and write any 3D object in the Wavefront format.

Key molecular graphics features:

  • Export publication quality molecular images at high resolution and vector images (metafile)
  • Annotate, atoms, residues and sites
  • 2D and 3D user-defined labels
  • Hydrogen bond and distance labels
  • Display atom clashes, distance restrainsts, tethers
  • High quality molecular surface representation, skin, wire, xstick and ribbon representations
  • Easy control of thickness, color and type in molecular graphics. Color by atom type, residue side-chain, molecule, unique carbon atom coloring for multiple objects, bfactor, occupancy, accessib ility, hydrophobicity, polarity, secondary structure, paint structure by alignment color, color by user-defined values
  • Visual effects: dynamic shadows, fog, hardware and side-by-side stereo, clipping planes, full screen
  • Export colored and annotated sequence alignments.
  • Easy to use and control animation effects: rotations, rocking, zooming
  • Store current views/viewpoints,layers and slides
  • Two kinds of stereo, including a high quality "in-window" mode, as well as a stereo mode which does not require any special hardware.

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