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Reference Guide
Getting Started
Protein Structure
Molecular Graphics
Slides & ActiveICM

ICM-Browser-Pro User Guide v.3.8

by Ruben Abagyan, Andrew Orry, Eugene Raush, and Maxim Totrov
Copyright © 2017

Mar 8 2017


Table of contents

Reference Guide
2.1 ICM-Browser Reference Guide
2.2 ICM-Browser-Pro Reference Guide
2.3 ActiveICM Reference Guide - Create 3D Molecular Documents for the Web and PowerPoint
2.4 Menu Option Guide
2.5 Tab Guide
Getting Started
3.1 The Basics of the Graphical User Interface
3.2 How to search and download Protein Structure, Sequences, and Chemicals
3.3 Create New Objects
3.4 Open and Read Files
3.5 Saving Files
3.6 Making Selections
3.7 Preferences
Protein Structure
4.1 Convert to ICM Object
4.2 Pocket Display
4.3 Crystallographic Analysis
4.4 Protein Superposition
4.5 Protein Structure Analysis
Molecular Graphics
5.1  Molecule Representation
5.2  Multi-Windows
5.3  Meshes - Surface - Grobs
5.4  Coloring
5.5  Lighting
5.6  3D Stereo
5.7  3D Printing
5.8  Labeling and Annotation
5.9  Display Distances and Angles
5.10 Graphics Effects
5.11 Graphics Shortcuts
5.12 Molecule Move Buttons
5.13 Clipping Tools
5.14 Graphic Layers
5.15 High Quality Publication Images
5.16 Movie Making
Slides & ActiveICM
6.1  Making Slides
6.2  Make a Movie from a Set of Slides
6.3  How to View and Navigate Slides
6.4  How to Edit Slides
6.5  How to Add Smooth Blending and Transition Effects Between Slides
6.6  How to Make Molecular Documents - Link HTML Text to Slides
6.7  ActiveICM
6.8  How to Embed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
6.9  How to Embed in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
6.10 How to Embed in MicroSoft PowerPoint 2010
6.11 Embed in Web Browser
6.12 How to Use ActiveICM in PowerPoint
6.13 How to Change ActiveICM Component Properties
6.14 Advanced use of activeICM: Macros to direct visualisation changes
6.15 Background Images
6.16 ICM JavaScript (IcmJS)
7.1 Graphics Tutorials
7.2 Creating Fully Interactive Slides for PowerPoint and the Web Tutorial
7.3 Protein Structure Tutorials
7.4 Chemical FingerPrint QSAR Model Tutorial
7.5 3D QSAR Tutorial

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