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Publication Quality Molecular Graphics

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  • Rich and fast molecular graphics tool box including multiple high quality representations.
  • A variety of effects to choose from FOG-effect, side-by-side stereo, full-screen mode, adjustable perspective, multilevel selectio n.
  • Hydrogen display on/off, polar, ligand hydrogens and recepror polar hydrogens options
  • Built in elegant ribbon and ligand sketch.
  • Display the protein in wire, xstick, cpk, dot envelope representations.
  • Color representations by: atom type, backbone, residue side chain, residue, molecule, molecule carbonds, object, object carbonds, b-factor, occupancy, accessibility, polarity, secondary structure, NtoC terminal.
  • Label residues, atoms, variables and sites.
  • Control over representation quality for fast speed; easy rotation mode
  • Change lighting - shine, ambient, diffuse, spec, alpha, A-bright, X and Y direction.
  • Support for MMTF format.
  • High resolution publication quality images.

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