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Welcome to the ICM-Browser and ActiveICM manual. ICM-Browser provides a biologist or a chemist with direct access to the treasures of structural biology and protein families. It reads a variety of file formats directly from the database web-sites including: PDB, chemical, electron density maps, sequence and alignment files. ICM-Browser provides a rich professional molecular graphics environment with powerful representations of proteins, DNA and RNA, and multiple sequence alignments.

With the free ActiveICM plugin you can save fully interactive 3D files to display on the web or in Windows PowerPoint. You can also add and optimize hyrogens to PDB files, display hydrogen bonds, and display transparent ligand binding pocket property surfaces as well as other molecule sufaces.


Please visit our product web pages for a full description of all the features in ICM-Browser and ActiveICM .


Please follow the links below to download the software.

Getting Started: Download and Install ICM-Browser and ActiveICM.
Download ICM-Browser Distribution.Download
Install ICM-Browser Instructions.Windows Linux Mac
Download ActiveICM Distribution.Download
Install ActiveICM. Windows Linux Mac

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