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6.10 How to Embed in MicroSoft PowerPoint 2010


  • Download ActiveICM from . Please always check you are using the latest version.
  • Save an ICM file (.icb) containing slides. Click here to see how to make slides.

Enable the Developer Menu:

  • Click on the File tab, and then click Options menu.
  • Select the Customize Ribbon option and then check the Developer option in the right hand side panel (see image below).
  • Click on the Developer Menu.
  • IMPORTANT! Click OK and then you will see the Developer Menu in the Ribbon at the top of PowerPoint.
  • Select the Developer menu.
  • Select the More Controls button in the Controls field.
  • Select ActiveICMCtl Class from the list of controls and click OK.
  • Click the mouse anywhere in the white PowerPoint space and a dialog box will be displayed asking you to select your ICM (.icb) file.
  • Click and drag at the corners of the image to resize the normal way you would resize an object in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint 2007
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