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Introducing the New Free ICM-Browser

New Fully-Interactive 3D Publishing and Display Features Added to ICM-Browser

We are excited to announce the release of a free new version of ICM-Browser containing exciting new enhancements which will allow you to create and save fully-interactive 3D documents to display in PowerPoint and the Web using the free ActiveICM plugin. You can also create ligand binding pockets surfaces, display hydrogen bonds, convert a PDB file into an ICM object, optimize hydrogens, and generate and display surfaces.

New Features

Build and Save Fully-Annotated and Interactive 3D Files and Display them in PowerPoint and on the Web (US Patent No:7,880,738). Save multiple annotated and animated fully-interactive 3D views and slides of your molecules to display in PowerPoint and on the web using the free ActiveICM plugin. Automatically memorize viewpoints, slides, animations, and transitions all stored within a single file. Share the file with your colleagues via Microsoft products, web browsers or in the free ICM-Browser itself. More...
Display Transparent Ligand Binding Pocket Surfaces. Display ligand binding pocket surface colored by binding property. White=neutral surface, Green=hydrophobic surface, Red=hydrogen bonding acceptor potential, and Blue=hydrogen bond donor potential. In order to display the property surface the PDB file needs to be converted into an ICM object.
Add and Optimize Hydrogens to a PDB file and Display Hydrogen Bonds. You can now convert a PDB file into an ICM object which is a full-atom representation of the molecule. The hydrogen atoms can be optimized to identify their energetically optimal positions. Once hydrogens are added to the molecule hydrogen bonds can be displayed.The coloring of the hydrogen bonds are red (strong - thick spheres) to blue (weak - thin spheres).
Generate and Display Surfaces. Generate and display molecule surfaces (meshes). Display in dot, wire, solid rugged, solid smooth or smooth transparent representation.

Getting Started

Getting Started: Download and Install ICM-Browser and ActiveICM.
Download ICM-Browser Distribution.Download
Install ICM-Browser.Windows Linux Mac
Download ActiveICM Distribution.Download
Install ActiveICM. Windows Linux Mac

Creating 3D Documents Is Straightforward

For written documentation please see the ICM-Browser & ActiveICM User Guide. Please see the videos below for a guide to generating fully-interactive 3D molecular files in PowerPoing and on the Web.

How to Download and Install ICM-Browser

How to Download and Install AvtiveICM

How to Generate a Series of Fully-Interactive 3D Slides

How to Add Hyperlinked HTML Text to a 3D Document File

How to Embed Fully-Interactive 3D Documents into a PowerPoint File

How to Embed Fully-Interactive 3D Documents into a Web Browser

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