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Complete desktop molecular modeling and docking package.

FDA approves Vabomere

MolSoft MPEX Collaboration: structure-based design using ICM was key to its discovery.

Fully Interactive Ligand Editor

Lead optimization and design using the ICM Ligand Editor.

RNA Modeling and Lead Discovery

Published success stories using MolSoft ICM for RNA Drug Design.

ICM Shown on PBS Documentary

Novartis Scientists using ICM on PBS Documentary


ICM KNIME Nodes are available free of charge for all customers.


MolScreen - high quality 2D fingerprint and 3D pharmacophore pre-prepared models for screening.


Browse protein, DNA, and drug molecules in 3D on the iPhone or iPad


A high quality visualizer and annotator for three dimensional molecular structures, sequences, and biological data.


Chemical drawing, Spreadsheets, Clustering and Database Enumeration...

Cloud Computing - World's Largest Virtual Screen

10.6 years of drug compound computations in 9 hours! 3 Lead Compounds.

2D Receptor Interaction Diagrams

2D interaction plot of a ligand with the binding pocket.


ICM-Scarab - Data Capture, Integrator and Miner


Linking sequence to structure.

Breakthrough technologies for life science and drug design

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Latest News [More...]
  • NIH-Molsoft makes billion chemical db available for screening.
  • FDA approve Vabomere - designed using ICM.
  • MolSoft ICM D3R Docking Challenge Success.
  • Novartis and MolSoft publish FOCUS paper & World's largest VS.

Events [More...]
  • New Webinar and Workshop Dates will be released soon.

ICM in PBS Documentary
  • A PBS documentary showed MolSoft ICM being used by Novartis scientists. [More...]

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