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3.5 Saving Files

Available in the following product(s): ICM-Browser | ICM-Browser-Pro | ICM-Pro | ICM-Chemist

Anything you have displayed in an ICM graphics session can be conveniently stored in a single file called an .icb file. To do this:

  • File/Save Project


  • File/Save Project As

A .icb file can be password protected by:

  • File/Save with Password
  • Enter a file name or browse for a previously saved project.
  • Enter a password
  • Determine whether you want the file to be Fully Protected, read only or Read Only and Allow Comments .

Any object (e.g. protein,table, alignment...) inside the ICM GUI can be saved by:

  • Right click on the name of the object in the ICM Workspace.
  • Select "Save As"
  • Choose the file format from the "Save as Type" drop down dialog.

Extract from icb

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