ICM Manual v.3.8
by Ruben Abagyan,Eugene Raush and Max Totrov
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Jun 20 2021

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Chemical Functions

The list of functions is expanding. The current list of the functions is the following:

  • MolWeight(mol) :
  • Nof_Molecules(mol) : the number of individual molecules,including ions and salts
  • Nof_Chirals(mol [{0|1|2|3}]) : the total number of racemic or chiral centers
  • Nof_RotB(mol): rotatable bonds
  • Nof_HBA(mol): hydrogen bonding acceptors
  • Nof_HBD(mol): hydrogen bonding donors
  • Nof_Atoms(mol [s_atomSmarts]): the total number of non-hydrogen atoms (default) or number of atoms matching the smarts argument
  • Nof_Frags( mol, s_smarts ) : counts the number of fragments
  • MolLogP(mol) : Octanol water partition, Log10(C_oct/C_w) from .mol prediction
  • MolLogD(mol) : LogD is a log of partition of a chemical compound between the lipid and aqueous phases
  • Volume(mol) : 3D molecule volume prediction in cubic Angstroms
  • MolPSA(mol) : polar surface area in squared Angstoms
  • MoldHf(mol) : heats of formation
  • MolLogS(mol) : Water solubility, Log10([C]): 10-based logarithm of the solubility in mol/l or M units predicted from .mol
  • pKa_ma(mol) : Calculate pKa the Most Acidic Group
  • pKa_mb(mol) : Calculate pKa the Most Basic Group
  • MolSynth(mol) : Chemical Synthetic Accessibility [0-1]. 1-all fragments are very common, 0.-many unknown fragments
  • bbbScore(mol) : Calculate the Blood-Brain Barries (BBB) Score


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