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8.1 Read and Save Sequences

[ UniProt | Cut and Paste | Extract from PDB | From File | Save Sequence ]

Available in the following product(s): ICM-Pro

There are a number of different ways to load a sequence into ICM via the Graphical User Interface.

8.1.1 Read a Sequence from UniProt

Uniprot is a curated protein sequence database which provides a high level of annotation (such as the description of the function of a protein, its domains structure, post-translational modifications, variants, etc.).

To read a sequence from UniProt:

  • File/Load/UniProt
  • Enter UniProt ID

or use the option in the Search Tab.

8.1.2 Cut and Paste a Sequence

Paste your own sequence into ICM

  • File/New/Sequence
  • Paste the Sequence into the box provided.

8.1.3 Extract a Sequence from a PDB File

Extract a Sequence from a PDB file

  • Right click on a molecule in a loaded PDB file in the ICM Workspace.
  • Select Extract Sequence(s) and the sequence will be loaded into the Sequences section of the ICM Workspace.

8.1.4 Read directly from a Sequence File

To read a sequence from a file:

If you have a sequence file saved in FASTA format it can be read into ICM by:

  • File/Open

8.1.5 Save Sequence

To save a sequence in FASTA format:

  • Right click on the sequence name in the ICM workspace.
  • Select the option Save As.
  • Choose FASTA format from the Windows "Save as type:" drop down menu option.

Sequences & Alignments
Secondary Structure

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