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22.3 FAQ ActiveICM

[ PPT Rocking | Rocking Speed | ActiveICM File Path ]

22.3.1 Is it possible to save the ICM session in a way that when switching to the ppt slide with that link, rocking is active?

Yes, it is possible. You need to turn rocking on and then create a slide inside ICM (slide button in the bottom line). This slide will remember rocking state. Then in PPT you need to:

  • Insert control
  • If your ICB session contains only this one slide then, nothing needs to be done. Otherwise you need to right click on the activeICM control in the PPT and choose "Properties". Then press on the small button with three dots '...' and set the "Current ICM" slide in the combo box on the top of the dialog. See How to change ActiveICM Component Properties.

22.3.2 Is it possible to change the speed of the rocking?

Yes, there are few preferences to control speed and "shape" of the rocking:

GRAPHICS.rockingSpeed 1.
GRAPHICS.rocking = "xY-rocking"

They can be changed either from the command line or in the GUI by clicking and holding the rocking button and selecting "Set Speed/Range" menu item. One problem is that these preference are not saved with ICB session (they are saved in global user preferences) which are not used by activeICM

This can be overcome with the following trick:

  • In the ICM create a build in script (File-New, select script tab) and put the following commands there:

GRAPHICS.rockingSpeed = 3.
GRAPHICS.rocking = "xY-rocking"

  • Save ICB session.
  • In the PPT open properties dialog and set "Auto Play Script" as shown to on the screenshot.

That should run this commands when you switch to the slide. This way is quite flexible and allows you to customize other settings.

22.3.3 When using ActiveICM is there a way to set a RELATIVE path to an icb file rather than ABSOLUTE?

When you open ppt with embedded activeICM it actually tries original absolute location and then (if not found) looks for that file in the current directory.

Unfortunately the meaning of "current directory" is not well defined in Power Point. For example if you double click on ppt file it sets the current directory to the folder which conatains that ppt file, but if you open the same file from the PowerPoint it does not set current directory accordingly.

So, let's say you have aaa.ppt which has c:\some\location\aaa.icb embedded. Nowyou want to copy that presentation to your laptop. You need to put these two files in the same directory. After that on you laptop you can just double click on aaa.ppt. Note, if you open aaa.ppt from "File-Open" it'll popup open file dialog where you should locate aaa.icb.

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