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Molcart is a chemical extension for two relational databases, namely Mysql and sqllite, and a set of tools to work with it. It efficiently supports special ICM types, such as chemicals. ICM provides command-level interface and GUI to work with Molcart.

The same interface is used for the Molsoft local database files.

ICM commands for Molcart databases and database files:

Molsoft database files

Molsoft table database files are a specialized file format optimized for fast search and other operations. It plays very well with advanced ICM types, such as chemicals. At the command level database files are almost undistinguishable from database server connections. It makes scaling solutions from individual to organization level much easier.

Creating a .molt file with a single table.

 # just a mock-up chem table
 add column t1 Chemical({"CCO","CCCO"})  {1. 2.}  
 make molcart table name="t" t1 filename="db.molt"
 # or read an SDF file and convert it to the database format
 read table mol "file.sdf" name="t2"
 make molcart table name="t2" t2 filename="db2.molt"

See also: molcart

Specifying database in commands

ICM commands working with Molcart support multiple connections to databases and multiple open database files. To specify the database, almost all ICM database access commands support the following options:


- specifies a Molsoft local database location in the file system.


- specifies a connectionID. For each open database file and server connection ICM creates a unique connectionID which may be used to specify the connection in ICM commands. To list available database connections use the list molcart connect command. It is possible to request the current connection's connectionID using Name(sql) function.

If no connection is specified, the current connection is used. If no current connection is available, ICM tries to connect to the database server using connection parameters saved in user's ICM settings.

See also: molcart, list molcart, Name molcart.

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