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7.12 How to Use ActiveICM in PowerPoint

**IMPORTANT There are two ways to open a presentation:

  • Double click on the ppt file in windows folder. (in this case PowerPoint will set the current directory to the one which contains the file and there should be no problems with both relative and absolute paths)
  • Open ppt through the "File-Open" or recent files. (in this case PowerPoint DOES NOT SET the current directory to the one which contains the file -> relative path might not work and user will be prompted to locate the ICB file unless file is found in absolute location)

To view the slides you must be in Slide Show mode

  • Press the F5 button to start the Slide Show. In edit mode (i.e. not presentation mode), the control is shown as a static image � it is not possible to interact with the ICB file. Therefore, to prepare the presentation so that the control shows the correct initial visualisations it is necessary to run the PowerPoint slide(s) in presentation mode

Change Slides

  • Use the left and right cursor keys to change slides.

A number of other options can be accessed by right clicking on the slide. These options include:

  • Select Slide
  • Auto Play
  • Set on/off rocking
  • Center
  • Load a new ICM File

You can also add multiple ActiveICM 3D displays in one slide:

  • To display mutliple ActiveICM 3D displays in one slide just copy the original display or repeat the steps described above. All PowerPoint slides should point to the same ICM file (.icb) but they can point to different slides.

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