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6.11 Graphics Shortcuts

Available in the following product(s): ICM-Browser | ICM-Browser-Pro | ICM-Pro

The left mouse button can be mapped onto different graphics tools which can be selected from the right hand tool bar.
Note: (1) You can access many non-rotation modes directly from the rotation mode by using Middle and Right-mouse buttons, as well as by using the right, top and left margins of the graphics window. (2) You can access the rotation mode from non-rotation modes by pressing Ctrl.

  • rotation ( the default , press Ctrl if you in the non-rotation modes )
  • translation ( the middle mouse button in the rotation mode)
  • zooming in and out by dragging the mouse up and down (the left margin in the rotation mode, or use the mouse wheel)
  • Z-rotation ( the top margin in the rotation mode)
  • selecting by box ( the right mouse click in the rotation mode )
  • selecting by lasso ( Ctrl-draw lasso in the rotation mode )
  • picking out atoms ( a toggle )
  • picking out and labeling residues (a toggle)
  • moving the front clipping plane ( the top section of the right margin in the rotation mode)
  • moving the rear clipping plane ( the bottom section of the right margin in the rotation mode)
  • moving the slab ( the middle section of right margin in the rotation mode)
  • unclipping ( Ctrl-U )
  • rotating torsions (Ctrl-left-mouse-click in the rotation mode)
  • connect and disconnect separate molecules to movement controls
Many useful graphics tips are summarized here.

NOTE: Key mouse controls are summarized in the command line manual here http://www.molsoft.com/man/graphics-controls.html

Move Buttons

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