ICM Manual v.3.9
by Ruben Abagyan,Eugene Raush and Max Totrov
Copyright © 2020, Molsoft LLC
May 17 2024

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Command Line User's Guide
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ICM command line options

Option Description
-a arg_string initialize s_icmargs string with arg_string
-b inhibit Buffered output
-c clean: do not save _seslog
-e 'commands' execute semi-colon separated icm commands and quit
-g [menuFile] start GUI menu bar, using menu file [default=icm.gui]
-G [menuFile] start GUI menu and keep the original terminal window
-i Input Icb file from the stdin pIpe
-n do Not execute _startup file
-ng no-gui: open in shell only, do start GUI/graphics after reading the file
-R[] # Redirect standard text/info output into stderr to enable piping binary content
-s Silent mode (l_warn=no l_commands=no l_info=no l_confirm=no)
-p set path for ICMHOME, e.g. -p/opt/icm/
-w web cgi mode: combination of -p and -s, e.g. -w/opt/icm/
-d(or -display) address sets/redirects the X display (default is $DISPLAY)
-24 enforce high quality 24-bit image mode at the expense of double buffering
-B[max_beeps] no more than max_beeps on errors (default=300)
-X report the computer identification number for a node-locked license GUI options:
-style={motif windows platinum cde} sets the GUI style
-session=session restores the earlier session
-geometry WxH+X+Y sets the client geometry of the main widget, e.g. -geometry 200x200+150+700
-fn or -font font defines the GUI font
-bg or -background color sets the default background color
-fg or -foreground color sets the default foreground color
-btn or -button color sets the default button color
-name name sets the GUI name
-title title sets the title (caption)
-visual TrueColor forces to use a TrueColor visual on an 8-bit display
-ncols count limits the number of colors on a 8-bit display
-cmap causes to install a private color map on an 8-bit display


  icm -g                      # run in the interactive gui mode
  icm -g -p/home/yoda/icmd/   # temp path to ICMHOME
  icm 1crn.pdb 2ins.pdb       # opened these two files
  icm script.icm > script.out # runb
  icm -G  # keep the terminal window separate
  icm -a "4.2 3" # the string copied into s_icmargs variable
  icm -s  # no startup, just ICM in a quiet mode
  icm -24 # if you intend to save high-resolution images
  icm <<EOF
#command1     # ICM reads from standard input
  "print 123\nprint 432" | icm -s

Reference Guide

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