ICM Manual v.3.9
by Ruben Abagyan,Eugene Raush and Max Totrov
Copyright © 2020, Molsoft LLC
Jun 5 2024

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Command Line User's Guide
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Command line editing

(cursor is in the text window).
Operation Shortcut Key
command word completion/prompting TAB
up-history UP arrow
down-history DOWN arrow
forward-char RIGHT arrow
backward-char LEFT arrow
beginning-of-line CTRL+A
delete-char CTRL+D
end-of-line CTRL+E
backward-delete-char Backspace or CTRL F+H
kill-to-line-end CTRL+K
insert-overstrike toggle CTRL+O
paste CTRL+P
delete/copy-whole-line CTRL+U
delete/copy-word CTRL+W
yank (identical to paste) CTRL+Y

Use the TAB key when you do not know what to do or to avoid unnecessary typing as well as probable typos in long names. This prompting is very convenient and is consistent with the tcsh UNIX shell. It will not only prompt you for possible completions, but also prompt you for available files in the read command (hit TAB after the double quote mark) and available selection of items in preference .
  show Ic TAB      # completes function name IcmSequence() 
  read pdb "TAB    # gives you all local *.pdb *.brk files 
  read sequence "1a TAB  # lists 1a*.seq files  

ICM options

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