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by Ruben Abagyan,Eugene Raush and Max Totrov
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Jun 5 2024

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[ int-constant | real-constant | logical-constant | string-constant | iarray-constant | rarray-constant | sarray-constant ]

The values of most of the ICM-shell objects may also be represented explicitly in the ICM-shell as so called "constants" (i.e. in the myFactors={1.2, -4., 5.88} line, myFactors is an ICM-shell variable of the rarray type, while {1.2, -4., 5.88} is an "rarray" constant. The following constants are defined in the ICM-shell:
  • integers: -9999 12
  • reals: 12.0 -0.00003 2.
  • logicals: yes no
  • strings: "I see M", "Backslash (\\) and quote (\")" "line1\nline2" or
    ## newlines are allowed between triple quotes, e.g.
    a = """
     A text with lines
    is also a string
    Escape sequences which can be used inside strings:
    \a - bell 
    \b - backspace 
    \f - formfeed 
    \n - newline 
    \r - carriage return 
    \t - horizontal tab 
    \v - vertical tab 
    \\ - backslash 
    \" - double quote 
  • integer arrays: {2, -1, 6, 0} {-8, -1, 2} The comma is compulsory before a negative number, it can be skipped otherwise.
  • real array: { -1.6 , 2.150 3., -160.} Real arrays can also contain "ND" (Not Defined) and other special values. The following special values:
    • ND (not defined)
    • >r_value
    • <r_value
    • INF : infinity
    • -INF : infinity
    To compare an array with special value use the Toreal function:
    read table csv "x_with_spec_values.csv" name="t"
    t.A == Toreal({"ND"})
    Option number in read table csv will convert empty fields into NDHowever not all functions support them, be careful. Example:
     show Toreal({"ND"}
    # here we are changing 0. values to NDs
     group table t {1. 0. 2. 0.}
     idx = Index( t.A == 0.0 )
     t.A[ idx ] = Toreal( Sarray( Nof(idx), "ND" ) ) 
  • string arrays: {"do","re","mi","fa","sol"} {"\n(newline), \t (tab)","\a (bell)"}
  • selections (find a detailed description below):
 a_hiv?.  a_1,2.  a_*.           # objects 
 a_h*.a   a_m1    a_*.!w2,w15,z* # molecules 
 a_1.*/2:15,18:26 a_/18,his*     # residues 
 a_//ca,c,n a_1.c a_/2:4/!h*     # atoms 
 v_//phi,psi      V_2//?vt*      # variables 

Alignment Editor

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